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Olympus DSLR Repair

Olympus DSLR repair for bodies and lenses. The repair service is economical and fast.

Each Olympus DSLR repair is carried out by highly trained technicians using a number of modern processes and equipment.

They have the right skills and understanding of digital cameras to discover issues, and can perform an effective Olympus DSLR repair.

Each completed Olympus DSLR repair includes a parts and labour warranty, for additional peace of mind in the standard of the service.

A replacement camera can be expensive, so why not have an Olympus DSLR repair at a fraction of its replacement cost? Enquire today for more information.

Olympus DSLR Repairs

Olympus DSLR Repairs

Professional Olympus DSLR repair at a national, well stocked service centre. The technicians can quickly diagnose faults and problems with Olympus DSLR cameras and in most situations a fixed price can be provided unless extensive components replacement is necessary.

An affordable Olympus DSLR repair can be offered for most models, such as Olympus E-5, E-450 and E-620. The highly trained professionals also undertake sensor cleaning services for problems like as dust bunnies on photos, alongside ZUKIO lens repairs and servicing.

Prompt customer service is given to customers by the technicians, and they are happy to answer any queries that you may have. With nationwide coverage, it doesn't matter where you live, the couriers can pick up your damaged Olympus DSLR and safely deliver it to the service centre.

Completion times for Olympus DSLR repair are extremely prompt, so you won't be without your camera for long. The staff are proud of the quality of their work, and supply a warranty on components for your peace of mind that the problem is covered in future.

Some of the common requested repairs for Olympus digital SLR cameras include lens repair, sensor cleaning, shutter and lcd screen replacement. The technicians only use high quality parts for all replacements, to ensure they are long lasting. To schedule an Olympus DSLR repair, simply fill in the online form or give them a phone during business hours.

Olympus DSLR Repair Service

Olympus DSLR Repair Service

Since 1996, Olympus has been developing and creating digital camera systems. Olympus DSLR cameras are known for their excellent build quality and excellent image quality. The Olympus ZUIKO digital SLR lenses are also in high demand with sports and nature photographers.

All cameras however is susceptible to breakdowns with time - in such cases when the manufacturer warranty has is no longer valid, Camera Fixer Professional will connect you with independent camera repairers. Olympus DSLR repair covers out of warranty models for entry-level consumers and expert photographers.

If your flash isn't working normally, check your settings. Make sure that Panorama mode is off, the flash is not on auto and open, and that the battery is charged. If a basic reset doesn't resolve the problem, then a technical fault might be to blame, and a repair is required.

If the zoom or focus functions aren't working normally, then try out taking different photos, and if possible use different lenses. Make sure that you attach the lens correctly. If this does not assist, you might require a service to git rid of any dirt that might be obstructing the function. Otherwise, an Olympus DSLR repair is needed.

Every professional understand the value of regular cleaning for their camera, and a service can help to stop faults from developing in the future, whilst making sure that your photos are high quality.

Last Updated 30/11/2021
Out of warranty Olympus DSLR repairs covering most models including:

  • E-10
  • E-10
  • E-20
  • E-3
  • E-30
  • E-300
  • E-330
  • E-400
  • E-410
  • E-420
  • E-450
  • E-5
  • E-500
  • E-510
  • E-520
  • E-620

Recent Enquiries

olympus 12-40 f2.8 lenson olympus em5 mk2.when mf clutch operativethe manual clutch does not work and the camera stays in mf but rotating the focus ring has no effect. when mf inoperative is selected in menu the lens operates normally except the focus ring has no effect.can you give an estimate of repair cost please?cheersjeff

Jeff Worsnop

olympus e-pl5 body, press the shutter release and the shutter closes but does not re-open, camera shuts down after a few seconds. lenses, battery, card all tested in another body. electronic shutter is fine, so can still take video.

Crawford Currie

hi,i have an olympus om-d e-m10 mark ii with two lenses 14-42mm and 45mm. the camera can not recognize the lens 45mm. the screen is all dark when I attach this lens to it. could you please have a look to see whether you can fix it or not? many thanks in advance!best wishes,trang

Trang Mai

i dropped my olympus sz31mr and now it wont zoom. it goes to zoom but then shuts down. I am desperate for it to be repaired before my holiday on 5th august. thank you

Sarah Warham

will be in london on tuesday.olympus om-d em-10 m2. the lens doesnt work normally after being turned on. no scenes show on screen except the information and opinions.