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Panasonic Lumix Repair

Panasonic Lumix repair at cost-effective prices. The service is prompt and convenient, so you can have your camera back in working condition as soon as possible.

With high quality repair equipment and cutting edge methods, your Panasonic Lumix repair will be truly long lasting.

Most hardware and software problems can be serviced by the courteous technicians, at a fully stocked service centre.

For added reassurance that the work has been done to a professional standard, a warranty is included with every Panasonic Lumix repair.

Panasonic Lumix Camera Repair

Panasonic Lumix Camera Repair

If your Panasonic Lumix camera isn't covered by the manufacturer's warranty, Camera Fixer Professional can provide an affordable and reliable Panasonic Lumix camera repair.

In most scenarios, a fixed priced Panasonic Lumix camera repair can be offered. An estimate for repairs will be required if the issues results in the replacement of major parts e.g. because of water and sand damage.

Accurate repair prices can be offered when you enquire, so that there are no unexpected fees to fret about.
A Panasonic Lumix camera repair doesn't need to be costly, and many technical and electronic faults with your photographic equipment can be repaired at a very affordable price.

Once your camera or Lumix G lens has arrived at the repair centre, the team will diagnose the problem and start disassembling the camera once the work has been agreed upon. Any faulty or broken parts will be replaced with suitable, manufacturer approved parts, for additional assurance that the work has been done to a great standard.

Insurance quotations can also be supplied as a chargeable service. The technicians are focused on offering a high quality camera repair service which provides maximum customer satisfaction.

It would be their pleasure answer any queries that you might have about a service with them. Discover how much you could save on Panasonic Lumix repairs with the professionals.

Panasonic Lumix Repairs

Panasonic Lumix Repairs

Lumix is a brand of Panasonic digital cameras which include more basic point and shoot models alongside advanced DSLR models.

The original Lumix cameras were released in 2001, and reviews often praise there excellent image quality, functionality and overall build quality.

However all digital cameras are subject to faults due to everyday wear and tear or impact damage from dropping it onto solid surfaces or exposure to water or adverse weather conditions.

The staff can identify and repair almost any type of fault with your Panasonic Lumix camera including sand or water damage. This can usually require significant components replacement if the damage is serious, but if it is minor then cleaning or servicing of your camera may be all that is needed. Cleaning should be conducted regularly for lenses, and the professional service can make sure that you capture the clearest pictures possible.

The technicians can also address software errors. Always see if resetting the camera helps the issue. If not, the professionals can fix many error codes. If you have accidentally broken your camera, have cracked or snapped off components can be replace using high quality replacements. Batteries, LCD screens, casing, shutters, and buttons can all be replaced.

These are just some of the problems fixed by the skilled technicians. Each Panasonic Lumix repair is offered via collection and delivery from your address.

Last Updated 29/11/2021
Panasonic Lumix G repair and Lumix digital camera repair cover most models including:

  • DMC-G7
  • DMC-GF7
  • DMC-GH4
  • DMC-G6
  • DMC-GX7
  • DMC-GM5
  • DMC-GM1
  • DMC-GH3
  • DMC-GF6
  • DMC-TZ70
  • DMC-TZ57
  • DMC-SZ10
  • DMC-TZ60
  • DMC-TZ55
  • DMC-TZ40
  • DMC-TZ35
  • DMC-LX100
  • DMC-LX7
  • DMC-LF1
  • DMC-FZ1000EB
  • DMC-FZ200
  • DMC-FZ72
  • DMC-LZ40
  • DMC-LZ30
  • DMC-FT5
  • DMC-FT25
  • DMC-FT30

Recent Enquiries

lumix fz45 sd card slot appears to have a bent pin and is not recognising any sd card inserted. is this repairable? if so please confirm the cost? thanks


i have two lumix zoom compact cameras, a tz90 and a tz70, both of which have dust particles inside the zoom lens which cause aberrations on the images. is it possible for you to carry out cleaning to restore the lens and, if so, at what cost please.thank you

Martin King

lens not opening on my panasonic lumix dmc-zs19 camera has not been dropped.

John Mabbott

lumix tz x clicking sound as lens extends, otherwise ok

Richard Hickman

lumix g vario 1:3.5-5.6/14-42 asph x power o I slens doesnt work, you can hear the lens trying to open , but it doesnt.

Allan Pinnegar

lumix gh5s screen needs fixing. it isnt cracked but it doesnt turn on after the camera was inadvertently caught between elevator doors and twisted the lcd screen the wrong way.

Nonso Okolo